rationalization, digitization, industrial engineering, productivity, SMEs


The importance of new disrupting technologies and innovations is crucial for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are critical to large factories because, in many cases, they are their suppliers. Therefore, there is a need for digitization solutions, innovative approaches, and disruptive technologies in these factories. These areas significantly disrupt the usual processes in SMEs. SMEs thus have to deal with significant changes in their business in a relatively short time. The benefits of new approaches for SMEs are described in the second half of the article in the case study. This study deals with the possibility of using a software tool from previous research on the workplace for the production planning and logistics systems team in the selected Slovak factory. The paper itself focuses on the Slovak engineering industry, digitalization and innovations. The selected factory manufactures compressor technology. The factory did not hesitate to use the possibility of cooperation and verification of various functionalities. The cooperation aimed to analyze the current state of production of the selected product and the subsequent design of increasing productivity and economic efficiency concerning improving its internal conditions.


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