• Eleonora Stancheva-Todorova Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Finance and Accounting
  • Mirella Dimitrova Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration



big data, accounting, case study, interdisciplinary


By bridging the accounting and data science domains, this paper introduces an interdisciplinary Big Data case study for accounting students that implements a specific methodology framework. It is supported by clear learning objectives and detailed instructor’s implementation guidance that complement a fascinating scenario, representing a real-world situation in the data-led world of business. The participants’ assignment is to propose a strategy for improving financial position and performance of a particular company by attracting new customers selected among companies, listed on the London Stock Exchange. The data sources of the proposed case study are publicly available and comprise of historical financial and non-financial data, disclosed in companies’ annual reports. By performing their assigned roles under the case study scenario, future graduates will build upon their technological competences as well as raise their awareness on the new roles and job tasks of the future accountant. They will also gain understanding on the new advisory function of the accounting specialists and their responsibilities as management consultants in the data-let business world. From a research perspective, this interdisciplinary work demonstrates how expertise in text mining and financial reporting might be combined for revealing new investment opportunities and enhancing management decisions.


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Stancheva-Todorova, E. ., & Dimitrova , M. . (2021). IT SOLUTIONS, PLC.: INTRODUCING A BIG DATA CASE INTO THE ACCOUNTING CURRICULUM. Proceedings of CBU in Economics and Business, 2, 88-94.
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