• Elenita Velikova University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria



winter tourist season, mountain resorts, special events, alternative types of tourism


The achievement of the sustainable development of mountain tourist resorts is questionable in the light of global warming. Increasing average temperatures is a precondition of the additional shortening of the winter tourist season at mountain territories in Bulgaria. The goal of the present publication is to extract strategies for extension of the winter season at mountain resorts in Bulgaria, by proposing effective mechanisms, based on the tourists' preferences and the abilities of tourist entrepreneurs. Based on expert analysis of Bulgarian tourist resorts, personal researches and experience in the researched topic, we determine alternative sources of offering and organization of event as the main possibilities of extending the season. The effect of this research can go in two directions: on one hand, by identifying and discussing the basic concept of seasonality, it will contribute to the enrichment of scientific knowledge in the field with potential for future research. On the other hand, it can be beneficial to destination managers as it will offer a better understanding of the importance of holding unique events to shape the destination's image, reduce seasonality and develop a sustainable economy based on tourism.

Author Biography

Elenita Velikova, University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria

University of National and World Economy, Faculty Economy of Infrastructure, Department Economy of Tourism


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