• Olexandr Harazdiuk Bukovinian State Medical University, Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Department, Chernivtsi
  • Nataliia Kozan Bukovinian State Medical University, Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Department, Chernivtsi
  • Viktor Kryvetskyi Bukovinian State Medical University, Human Anatomy named after M.G. Turkevich Department, Chernivtsi
  • Oleksandr Dunaiev Bukovinian State Medical University, Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Department, Chernivtsi




differentiation, muscle tissue, polarization, laser polarimetry, spectrophotopolyarimetry, forensic medicine


Introduction: The article presents the current state of issues regarding the diagnosis of pathological conditions for forensic medical experts, in particular the study of normal muscle tissue and in the presence of hemorrhages. Particular attention is paid to biophysical research methods with evidence-based accuracy, objectivity, reproducibility, and rapid results.

Objectives: The purpose of the research was to study the possibilities of using spectrophotopolyarimetric methods to analyze and determine the relationship of morphological structure of biological tissues with the temporal dynamics of changes in their optical parameters, to establish the possibility of differentiating necrotic changes and signs of damage by applying Mueller matrices of human muscle tissue samples.

Results: During the study, we found a number of features and patterns of change in the properties of the laser beam as a result of passing through biological tissue. Polarization-correlation methods provide new, objective information about the dynamics of change in laser polarimetric imaging of morphological structure of biological tissues. By analyzing the statistical distributions of the ellipticity of polarization of laser images of normal human muscle tissue and in the presence of hemorrhages, the possibility of identifying the relationship between the development of statistically significant changes with increasing time of death and the possibility of differentiating them are considered.

Conclusion: Based on these results, we can conclude that employing laser polarization methods will allow us to open new doors in the study of the biological tissues of the human body. The results showed the effectiveness of the studied methodology and the prospect of further research in this direction.


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Harazdiuk, O. ., Kozan, N. ., Kryvetskyi, V. ., & Dunaiev, O. . (2021). SPECTROPHOTOPOLARIMETRY AS A METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE TIME DYNAMICS OF CHANGES IN THE MORPHOLOGICAL STRUCTURE OF MUSCLE TISSUE. Proceedings of CBU in Medicine and Pharmacy, 2, 41-46. https://doi.org/10.12955/pmp.v2.169
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