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Introduction: Guided single implant placement ensures an optimal implant position, enables in-surgery immediate loading, and creates a predisposition for predictable treatment results.

Aim: This article aims to present the surgical and loading protocols and assess the accuracy of two guided implant systems.

Materials and methods: Ten patients missing a single molar were included. The semi-guided procedures with the two implant systems – AB Dental and Alpha Bio-Tec, were randomly assigned to each participant. The computer-assisted planning was performed with Implant Studio (3Shape, Denmark). Surgical guides and long-term, temporary, screw-retained restorations were virtually generated within the 3Shape system. Surgical appliances were printed from SG resin (Formlabs, USA), and crowns were milled from Telio CAD (Ivoclar Vivadent, Lichtenstein). Planning accuracy was evaluated based on the crown’s fit and relation to the adjacent teeth and antagonists.

Results and discussion: The patients included for preliminary analysis (6 female and 4 male) were with a mean age of 33.42. The youngest was 24, and the oldest 49 years old. There were no surgical and technical complications for the period of evaluation, which ranged from 1 to 3 months. The crown’s fit was excellent in 8 cases. In two cases, minor adjustments were necessary – 1 in relation to the antagonists and 1 to the adjacent teeth. In one case, a healing screw was placed for 48 hours to facilitate adequate soft-tissue space for the Ti-base. 

Conclusion: The preliminary results presented in this report suggest that the clinical and laboratory protocols used for guided implantation and immediate loading are highly efficient.


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