• Natalia Kamanina St.-Petersburg Electrotechnical University (“LETI”), St.-Petersburg, Russia



Organic materials, surface relief, sensitization, fullerenes and nanotubes, wetting angle, reflection and refraction


Due to the effective use of the fullerenes and other nanoparticles in the materials for the general optoelectronic, laser and display technique, as well as for biomedicine, the different mechanisms to attenuate the light intensity are considered with good advantage in order to protect the human eyes and technical devises from high laser irradiation. Reverse saturation absorption, complex formation, scattering, etc. are taken into account. In the current paper the influence of the content of the nanoobjects on the interface relief is shown and considered as an additional possible optical limiting mechanism. Moreover, the diffraction from the nanostructured materials via high frequency Kerr effect is added to extend the numbers of the optical limiting mechanisms. Different experimental instruments and supporting models are presented. VIS lasers, AFM, OCA devises are applied to test and visualize the results. Theoretical and experimental data are in good coincidence.

Author Biography

Natalia Kamanina, St.-Petersburg Electrotechnical University (“LETI”), St.-Petersburg, Russia

Vavilov State Optical Institute, St.- Petersburg, Russia; St.-Petersburg Electrotechnical University (“LETI”), St.-Petersburg, Russia


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