• Natalia Kamanina Vavilov State Optical Institute, St.- Petersburg, Russia; St.-Petersburg Electrotechnical University (“LETI”), St.-Petersburg, Russia; Kurchatov Institute - Nuclear Physics Institute, St.-Petersburg-Gatchina,



Organic materials, surface relief, sensitization, fullerenes and nanotubes content, polyvinyl alcohol, polyimide, wetting angle


It is well known that at the present time two basic aspects of a material’s nano-objects sensitization should be considered. The first aspect relates to the change of the material’s basic physical-chemical properties when the concentration of the nanoobjects in the material’s body is varied. The second aspect is in regard to the modification of surface properties on the content of the nanoobjects in the material’s body. In the current paper the correlation between the concentration of the nanoobjects and wetting phenomena of the material’s surface is considered. Different experimental instruments and supporting models are presented with good coincidence.


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