• Leonid Kruglov Moscow Pedagogical State University, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Moscow
  • Yury Brodsky Federal Research Centre “Computer Science and Control” of RAS



model-oriented programming, complex systems, model synthesis, simulation


The problem of complex multi-component system processing arises in many fields of science and engineering. A system can be described in terms of its components, behavior, and interaction. This work proposes a new declarative Turing complete “model-oriented” programming paradigm based on the concept of “model-component” - a complex structure with well-defined characteristics and behavior, and no external methods. The set of model-components is closed under the union operation of model-components into “model-complex”. The proposed approach allows the program to describe the complex system and behavior of its components in a declarative way, possesses a higher level of encapsulation than the object-oriented paradigm, involves a reduced amount of imperative programming, and is naturally focused on parallel computations.


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