• Martin Misut University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Economic Informatics, Department of Applied Informatics
  • Pavol Jurik University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Economic Informatics, Department of Applied Informatics



datafication, logistics, classification, DSS, big data


The digital transformation of business in the light of opportunities and focusing on the challenges posed by the introduction of Big Data in enterprises allows for a more accurate reflection of the internal and external environmental stimuli. Intuition ceases to be present in the decision-making process, and decision-making becomes strictly data-based. Thus, the precondition for data-based decision-making is relevant data in digital form, resulting from data processing. Datafication is the process by which subjects, objects and procedures are transformed into digital data. Only after data collection can other natural steps occur to acquire knowledge to improve the company's results if we move in the industry's functioning context. The task of finding a set of attributes (selecting attributes from a set of available attributes) so that a suitable alternative can be determined in its decision-making is analogous to the task of classification. Decision trees are suitable for solving such a task. We verified the proposed method in the case of logistics tasks. The analysis subject was tasks from logistics and 80 well-described quantitative methods used in logistics to solve them. The result of the analysis is a matrix (table), in which the rows contain the values of individual attributes defining a specific logistic task. The columns contain the values of the given attribute for different tasks. We used Incremental Wrapper Subset Selection IWSS package Weka 3.8.4 to select attributes. The resulting classification model is suitable for use in DSS. The analysis of logistics tasks and the subsequent design of a classification model made it possible to reveal the contours of the relationship between the characteristics of a logistics problem explicitly expressed through a set of attributes and the classes of methods used to solve them.


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