• Konstantin Kamberov Technical University – Sofia, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Department of Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools
  • Georgi Todorov Technical University – Sofia, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Department of Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools
  • Tsvetozar Ivanov Technical University – Sofia, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Department of Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools



Technology, Innovation, Axial, Induction, Motor


This study presents the latest technology to produce axial induction motors for application in electric vehicles. A review of current state-of-the-art technology is performed on the solutions with soft magnetic powder core or machined parts that are not appropriate for mass production. Therefore, new technology is proposed, based on analyzed production technologies specifics. It involves use of a standard metal strips to make both stator and rotor cores. This design includes a spirally wound strip of magnetically conductive material and stacked trapezoidal lamellas. The trapezoidal lamellae are cut using waste-free technology for e.g., guillotine, without specialized punches as in traditional engines. As a result, metal cutting operations are significantly simplified and require widely used production equipment in the industry. The developed technology is appropriate for mass production due to its relatively low cost and eases adaptability. The proposed design is at the physical prototyping and testing stage. Thus, it will be validated by testing the physical prototype in the real industrial environment. This innovative technology is patented and currently under commercialization.


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Kamberov, K. ., Todorov, G. ., & Ivanov, T. . (2022). AN INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR PRODUCTION OF AXIAL INDUCTION MOTOR. Proceedings of CBU in Natural Sciences and ICT, 3, 1-7.
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