• Rumyana Neminska Trakia University, Faculty of Education, Stara Zagora
  • Tanya Borisova Trakia University, Faculty of Education, Stara Zagora



school, education, Roma, methodology


The problem with the education, socialization and upbringing of Roma children in Bulgaria is serious and requires the joint efforts of universities and schools. For many of these children, education is not a value. They study only in primary school and then remain traditionally in their family. It must be recognized that traditional family values ​​and traditions for the Roma have the force of law. Many Roma families managed to socialize by leaving the ghetto and settling in Bulgarian communities - but many of them do not want to change their lifestyle. The cooperation between the schools and the university is presented in the university project "Innovations in the socialization of bilingual students through communication and speech development" presented here. A methodological innovation for the education of Roma children has been introduced. This innovation combines tradition (Roma fairy tale) and the development of reader literacy, thinking, and solving cases. A total of 415 Roma students participated in the empirical study. With their participation in the project it is established that they increase their reading skills, learn the Bulgarian language better and develop critical thinking.


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Neminska, R. ., & Borisova, T. . (2021). INNOVATIVE STRATEGIES FOR EDUCATION OF ROMA CHILDREN IN PRIMARY SCHOOL. Proceedings of CBU in Social Sciences, 2, 269-272.
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