• Tsvetan Kaldashev Faculty of Industrial Technology, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria



parametric program, macro program, chain wheels, machining, CNC


The article deals with developing a parametric (macro) program for processing a chain wheel for bush-roller chains. The parametric program is developed for CNC Fanuc and implemented in the production process for the chain wheel family. To develop the parametric program, the dependences for constructing the tooth profile are used: chain pitch and a dividing diameter of the chain wheel, etc. The basic geometrical parameters for processing the chain wheel are set as input data at the beginning of the control program. Based on this information the automatic determination of the coordinates from the trajectory of the tool is performed. The trajectory coordinates are determined for one interdental, where for processing the next ones are used commands, characteristic of the parametric programming, with which the processing algorithm is organised. The machining algorithm can be organised using two approaches: recalculating the initial machining angle and the command to rotate the working coordinate system G68. The first approach is universal because the CNC generation does not influence it, i.e., it applies to both modern and traditional- CNCs, while the second applies to modern CNCs or those supporting the G68 command. The parametric program was tested virtually using the Vericut software, where the basic geometric parameters of the sprocket were tested with its dimensional measurement capabilities.


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