• Hermína Mareková Danubius University, Sládkovičovo, Slovakia



social work, rehabilitation, social care


The present study aims to map some critical aspects of social work in the 21st century, especially when participants in the old social assistance system are facing difficulties in the old system. Integration or reintegration of individuals back into society often becomes discriminatory. It is outdated and not accessible to everyone in need. This unresolved issue has been discussed as a large number of patients cannot be discharged from the hospital simply because they have nowhere to go or their home environment is unsatisfactory. Even the idea of providing comprehensive care to patients in a hospital setting is not possible. There are few professionals in hospitals. In the hospital, even if sufficient care is provided, the reintegration of the patients into the society or their families is not possible, which would mean the success of this therapy. This situation can be solved by using a multidisciplinary approach, as the biological, psychological, and social aspects must be considered to solve it. The study deal with the most important tasks in the context of social care in selected areas.


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