• Zuzana Gálisová Pan-european University, Slovakia
  • Peter Plavčan Danubius University, Slovakia



Bucharest Communiqué, Yerevan Communique, Paris Communique, legal regulation, funding of higher education, public, mixed and private goods, impacts of higher education


This paper presents selected theses on the standing and financing of higher education in three international programming documents on higher education policy: the Bucharest Communiqué of 2012 entitled Making the Most of Our Potential: Consolidating the European Higher Education Area, the Yerevan Communiqué of 2015 and the Paris Communiqué of 2018. The analysis of the standing and financing of higher education includes consideration of the situation in the Slovak Republic.

These three documents consider the standing of higher education in the context of its financing with reference to the function that it fulfils for society in transmitting sophisticated new knowledge to the young generation. There is a visible discrepancy between the expectations of individuals and society as a whole concerning higher education and the sources of its funding. The paper includes an analysis of the changes in stakeholders’ views on higher education based on the theses in the three international programming documents on higher education policy.

The paper concludes with a synthesis of the knowledge acquired from the three programming documents on higher education policy, and proposals for adding to them.

Author Biographies

Zuzana Gálisová, Pan-european University, Slovakia

Pan-european University, Bratislava, Slovakia

Peter Plavčan, Danubius University, Slovakia

Danubius University, Sládkovičovo, Slovakia


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Gálisová, Z. ., & Plavčan, P. . (2020). THE POSITION AND FINANCING OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN SELECTED INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTS. Proceedings of CBU in Social Sciences, 1, 61-65.
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