• Michaela Jombíková Janáková Catholic University of Ruzomberok, Slovakia
  • Soňa Šrobárová Catholic University of Ruzomberok, Slovakia



social worker, social protection and curate


Introduction: This scientific study provides an insight into the cooperation of individual social services in connection with several methods and techniques of crisis intervention. Given the diversity of the work of crisis intervention, it brings scientific results concerning the of field social workers in social and legal protection of children and social guardianship. It is the field of social workers which cooperate and manage cooperation between individual ministries and activities of individual crisis intervention services.

Aim: The main objective of the research was to investigate the cooperation of social workers with other institutions and the use of diversity techniques in dealing with different types of social problems.

Methods: The research was conducted using a quantitative strategy by distributing a questionnaire of our design to social workers in Slovakia operating within the socio-legal protection and guardianship. The subject of the research was social workers of social protection. The number of respondents whose questionnaire applied to the research objectives was 56. We used statistical analysis for the phase of data processing and evaluation.

Results: In the first research question, we investigated which social problems the respondents are facing in their practice most often. We can conclude that they often encounter problems solutions in the redevelopment of families, tackling crime, divorce, delinquency, and addictions. In the second research question we focused on with which institutions the workers cooperate in solving individual social problems.

Conclusion: Social protection workers in their everyday practice face a wide range of problems. In solving the issues, they cooperate with other professions respectively organizations. Depending on what problems social workers usually deal with, it depends not only on their experience but on their future education.

Author Biographies

Michaela Jombíková Janáková, Catholic University of Ruzomberok, Slovakia

Catholic University of Ruzomberok, Faculty of Education, Ruzomberok, Slovakia

Soňa Šrobárová, Catholic University of Ruzomberok, Slovakia

Catholic University of Ruzomberok, Faculty of Education, Ruzomberok, Slovakia


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