• Michal Peňaška University of Zilina, Slovakia
  • Viktor Šoltés University of Zilina, Slovakia
  • Andrej Veľas University of Zilina, Slovakia



smart, city, security, safety, cities


Modern times bring with them modern approaches to the perception of our problems. The perception of security in cities is no exception. The establishment of general indicators is needed to improve the evaluation and comparison of sites. These security indicators can be found in the six basic characteristics that make up a Smart City. This article contains a proposal for an application and a procedure for assessing the impact of projects on the security of citizens. The present proposal uses a system approach method using some specificities of the ISO 31000 standard. The principle of the proposal is that the probability of risk is a priority and we perceive the consequence as the expected increase and decrease in the level of security in cities.

Author Biographies

Michal Peňaška, University of Zilina, Slovakia

University of Zilina, Faculty of Security Engineering, Department of Security Managemet

Viktor Šoltés, University of Zilina, Slovakia

University of Zilina, Faculty of Security Engineering, Department of Security Managemet

Andrej Veľas, University of Zilina, Slovakia

University of Zilina, Faculty of Security Engineering, Head of Department of Security Managemet


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Peňaška, M. ., Šoltés, V. ., & Veľas, A. . (2020). SMART CITIES AND MODERN VIEWS ON CITIZEN SECURITY. Proceedings of CBU in Social Sciences, 1, 179-185.
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